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Ceiling Fan Repair

Ceiling Fan Repair

There is no doubt about the fact that ceiling fans are an essential part of any household no matter how many air conditioning units you have. Ceiling fans give you the feels of wind and breeze right where you are and they help in regulating the temperature of the space you are in. In addition to the breezy feels they give, ceiling fans will also be light on your wallet as the energy consumed by them is much lower when compared to an aircon. Ceiling fans do not even need any kind of battery backup in case of a power cut. They will still operate during power shortages but at a slower speed.

Ceiling Fan Repair

There are many benefits associated with ceiling fans but what happens when something goes wrong with them or they stop working? More than anything, it gets really irritating to live without a ceiling fan especially in a place like Singapore where the temperatures are already soaring high! So whenever there is an issue with your ceiling fan, contact us and get your ceiling fan repaired instead of getting it replaced. Here is a list of services that we provide at your doorstep:

Speed of the fan

This is one of the most common problems that can occur with your ceiling fan. If your fan is not running as per the speed that it’s supposed to run on, if it is too slow or too fast, or if the fan just does not start, it is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the motor of the fan. It is best to call an electrician and get the problem fixed before something major happens.

Remote control

Without a doubt, having a remote-controlled ceiling fan is relaxing especially when you are tired and all you want to do is sit at one place and relax. But what happens when your remote control stops working for some reason? Anybody’s usual guess for this issue would be a battery problem with the remote but it is not so always. There may be a bigger and deeper problem and therefore you could call an electrician to look into the matter.

A Wobbling Ceiling Fan

There may be times that your fan may wobble due to the improper spacing between its blades or the blades would have been bent by mistake. You can try solving this at home but if there is no result, call an electrician and schedule an appointment immediately!

Weird noises from the ceiling fans

Usually, a noisy fan is repairable at home by properly oiling and greasing wherever necessary but if the noise is bad and continuous and wouldn’t go away despite numerable efforts from you, the smartest thing would be is to call an electrician!

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LS Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore

Therefore, in case of any issue related to ceiling fans, CALL US IMMEDIATELY! Quite literally, all you have to do is just dial our number to get in touch with us or you could also get in touch with us online! We will then schedule an appointment with you and be right where you need us at the decided time and date!