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Types of Ceiling Fans

Types of Ceiling Fans

The weather in Singapore speaks for itself. It is humid all year round, with a rainy and hazy season. There is nothing we can do to control the weather outside, but we can improve the situation in our homes. Families in Singapore can choose from a variety of ceiling fans and install them in their rooms. If you are one of those in Singapore looking for information on the different types of ventilators available to choose from in Singapore, the information provided here will be very helpful.

Singapore ceiling fans can be categorized into different types depending on certain factors, including the material of the ceiling fan blades. Depending on the material of the blades, fans can be divided into three main types.

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Features & Benefits

DC motor fans

DC motor fans can help consumers save up to 50% less energy than AC motor fans. These fans are equipped with a 6-stage remote control mechanism that allows high and low wind speeds to be set. These DC motor fans come with optional capacitors to extend the fan life. These DC motor fans come in standard sizes of 50 “and 55”.

Aluminum fans

These fans are available in standard blade widths of 48 “, 56” and 60 “. As for the number of blades, you can find three and four-blade fans in this category. These fans are usually driven by aluminum AC motors.

Fans with integrated lighting systems

This is one of the models that has grown in popularity over the past few years. In particular, fans with LED backlighting are very popular with customers. LED fans not only fulfill indoor lighting requirements but also help reduce energy consumption and, as a result, monthly utility bills. These LED fans come in 48 “and 56” diameters. These fans are available in attractive colors such as white, black, metallic silver and brass.

The LED backlight mounted on the fan can be conveniently controlled with a timer and a remote control setting. The power of the LED light is 20W and 24W. 20W LED light can emit white or cold light, while 24W LED light can emit a white or warm light. There are ceiling fans equipped with three LED lighting systems. These three LED lights can be controlled by either a pull cord or remote control. LED bulbs come in many attractive shapes, including cup-shaped light sets, round-shaped lighting system and corn shaped lighting system.

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LS Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore

The advantage of installing a ceiling fan in your Singapore home is that it helps you save on heating and cooling bills. Depending on which way the fan blades rotate, a ceiling fan can make a room cooler or warmer, reducing the need for frequent use of an air conditioner and heater.

At LS Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore, we deal with all types of ceiling fans. KDK, Fanco, Elmark and AeroAir are popular brands if you are looking for ceiling fans in Singapore. LS Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore offers ceiling fan replacement and new installation services so you can enjoy greater comfort, more welcoming decor, and better overhead lighting. Our ceiling fan installation services are always performed by friendly, licensed, insured electricians.